Four untypical poetry meetings in Töölö library (Helsinki) this autumn: an opportunity to get familiar with Russian poetry through movement.

Can you name one Russian poet? How about a modern Russian poet? Any name. This autumn we will pick four poets, choose several beautiful texts written by them and interpret/feel/sense them with our bodies through the language of movement.
Everyone is welcome regardless of native language, movement experience or study background. The only requirement is curiosity and open mind. We encourage you to wear comfortable clothes and will ask you to take off your shoes. The working language is English, Russian or Finnish can be used if necessary.
Meetings will be led by Anna and Katia from UtoUto Theatre.

The content of every workshop meeting in different, the poet is announced in the end of the workshop.

Where: Töölö library, Waltari hall

  • Saturday 22.9 11-12.30
  • Saturday 20.10 11-12.30
  • Saturday 24.11 11-12.30
  • Saturday 8.12 at 11-12.30

Registration and questions: katia @

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