17th of December 5-7 pm @Lapinlahden Lähde (Venetsia)

Some philosophers say we are trapped in our bodies. Body often seen as an object, as an instrument of getting somewhere, as a tool for grasping reality, not an equal part of the human system. Through hundred years especially female bodies considered to be evil and sinful. Even now in many cultures it is a shameful and socially unacceptable for a woman to expose some parts of her body, to move in some way or another. From the other side – it is so natural to accept and realize that we are whole: there is no split between body and mind. Imprisoned and limited body means trapped mind, all the system is stuck.

Let’s question Cartesian split through the movement! Let body lead and see where it brings you: free and accepted physical self is just a beginning of fluid and creative being.

The workshop is a frame, a safe space to explore and accept own body in movement, of its connection to mind and to the world outside. Music, sounds and spoken word will be used as stimuli.

For whom: for women and those who identify themselves as women, of any age or background. No need to know anything in advance, just come as you are and have comfortable clothes to move in. It is good to have a notebook with you, in case you want to write/draw some thoughts or ideas on the paper.

The workshop is facilitated (in English) by UtoUto’s Katia.

The space is limited to 5 people, so please books your place in advance at: anna (@) utouto.fi