UtoUto runs a community outreach and workshop program to introduce various physical theatre styles to both complete novices as well as established theatre and performance practitioners. UtoUto’s workshops are designed to suite different groups and individuals, from those who want an introduction to a physical way of making performance to professional units of any kind looking for a break from the daily routine, as well as artists looking to broaden their work and skills.

In the workshops, we explore our relationship with our own bodies, the space around them, and the relationship between voice and movement; letting ourselves to be present in the body and in the moment. Images, thoughts, text and music are used as stimuli to move our bodies in the way that comes naturally us, find new ways of expressing ourselves and explore ways to possibly incorporate this into stage work and everyday life.

UtoUto workshops are not one particular method one has to necessarily rationally or intellectually understand. The core of the work is based on UtoUto’s own methods of performance making that have been built and developed from various theatre and performing arts practices.

The duration and specific contents of each workshop are tailored to the needs of each group. UtoUto can offer workshops in English, Finnish and Russian.



-An introduction to Physical Theatre

For who: Open for anyone interested in exploring physical theatre. Community theatres, non-professional theatre groups and practitioners, schools, youth clubs, work communities.

In the workshop, we take time to explore creative movement exercises, butoh-dance, physical theatre games, vocal exercises and holistic movement methods. The intro workshop is open for anyone interested in movement or theatre, no previous experience is necessary, but we ask the participants to enter the space with an open, playful mind.



-A performance oriented workshop

For who: Those with experience in some theatre practices. Actors, dancers, professional groups, students and established non-professional groups.

A workshop that looks at devising methods as building blocks for a performance and how physical theatre can help to create characters and scenes for a traditional play. The workshops also introduce UtoUto’s working methods and explore the relationship between text and movement.

This workshop can be used for a theatre company as a part of their process, to find new ways of approaching performance making and the script. The workshop can also be built into a longer course of devising culminating in a performance made without a specific script.



-A connection with self and the world outside

For who: Everyone who is interested in finding ways of letting go and being themselves to be present in the moment. No previous skills from dance or movement needed.

A workshop designed to find freedom in movement, let go and dance like no one’s watching. This is explored through creative and free movement, drawing on different practices such as butoh-dance, holistic bodywork and contact improvisation.  We work both alone and together with others, drawing on the collective pool of creative energy. Through the practice, we can deepen self-awareness and begin to make links to oneself and one’s emotions.
The workshop is great for everyone who is interested in getting in touch with the self and tap into new sources of energy.

Examples of workshops

Creative movement workshops in Entresse library (Espoo):

Free and open for everyone. 90-minute bilingual (English-Russian) workshops exploring creative movement through holistic and creative movement practices.

Poetry in Body Language in Töölö library (Helsinki):

A series of untypical poetry meetings: an opportunity to get familiar with Russian poetry through the movement.