A feminist theatre performance devoted to the themes of expectations on the (female) body and body image, a multidisciplinary work combining live soundscape, text, spoken word and butoh inspired movement. A provocative and honest piece based on real stories and spiced up with humour.

Devised and produced by UtoUto with Laura Weber and Maria BayatBody Interrupted by UtoUto

On stage: Anna Olkinuora, Katia Shklyar, Laura Martin (cello)

Music, Sound: Laura Weber, Maria Bayat, Titus Poutanen, Laura Martin

Set design: Tiago Martins Pinto, Virpi Velin

Text: Katia Shklyar, Anna Olkinuora, women from St Petersburg, Nina Berberova, Tanya Markul (, Pea (

Language: English, Russian (with English subtitles), physical

Duration: approx. 60 min


Laura Weber

Laura Weber is a sound artist and illustrator. As a sound source, she uses found objects, field recordings and live electronics, which she often combines with her own video works. Her music is experimental and improvised in and for the moment – sometimes scratched and noisy, sometimes dense and droned. She collaborates with international ambient and noise artists, creates sound for physical theatre performances and is part of the Berlin-UK-based collective BLATT 3000.

Laura Martin

Laura Martin is one of the rare musicians to have built her own instrument. She was then 17, and this cello became her musical partner for several years. This unforgettable process opened to her the universe of sound-making from its deepest origin. Originally from Paris, Laura made her Bachelor studies in Belgium at the Brussels’ Royal Conservatory, in the class of Marie Hallynck, and then graduated from her Master at the Sibelius Academy in 2018 where she studied with Martti Rousi.

Based in Helsinki, Laura is the principal cellist of the Helsinki Chamber Orchestra and regularly works at the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, at the Finnish Radio Orchestra and at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet in addition to her activity as a chamber musician.

Maria Bayat

Maria is a co-owner of Clayhill productions, where she is producing, coming up with fancy ideas and writing scripts. Maria has been singing since she was 13 years old. She was inspired by singers such as Fiona Apple and PJ Harvey.

Titus Poutanen

Titus is a director and cinematographer of Clayhill productions. He has directed TV-series, short films, and music videos. He has also been acting in TV-series and on stage. Titus plays drums and makes experimental music.

Virpi Velin

Virpi Velin’s artistic work is driven by interest in matter, time and memory and the visual outcome is changing and evolving. Matter, human made and organic and the pulsating movement between living and non-living are the carrying themes. The artist chooses medium according to the idea and the work manifests through photography and in recent years also installation, movement and performance. Velin collaborates with artists from different fields of art. Keywords: still life, object, thing, bond, matter, fabric, identity, time, memory, body, humanity, self, transformation, earth, knowledge, scale, grid.

Tiago Martins Pinto

Tiago Martins Pinto is a community-based artist, a handicraft’s person and a human being. Originally from Porto – Portugal where he taught and worked in audiovisual production, and also developed community-based art projects in the outskirts of Lisbon. Actually, he is a doctoral student at Aalto University’s Art Department, discussing the sense of belongingness in migrant communities trough art practice.