UtoUto performances are strongly inspired by butoh and physical theatre and are about full involvement into the moment.


A multidisciplinary trilogy devoted to the themes of embodied otherness, the (woman’s) body, and the limitations of it. Combining physical theatre, butoh dance, visual art, sound installation, and live performance we bring forward a series of explorations of what it means to be a woman, what gender is, and what can it be.
Can we be free of the expectations of gender? Can we break away from the norm, the male gaze, and be honestly comfortable within our own bodies? How can we express our true selves?


A feminist theatre performance devoted to the themes of expectations on the (woman’s) body and body image, a multidisciplinary work combining video, live soundscape, text, spoken word, and butoh-inspired movement. A provocative and honest piece based on real stories and spiced up with humour.


The third part of the BODY trilogy. A multidisciplinary experiment crashing the border-lines of assumptions. Developed and produced by UtoUto with Laura Weber, Virpi Velin and Erika De Martino.

Photo by Toni Pelkonen/ Myymälä2

Body Experience(d)

Produced in collaboration with Seven of Seven, Performance and Live Art Week in the gallery Myymälä2 (20th – 26th of May, 2019).


Bilingual review of the performance

Outolintu RY by UtoUto performing art company

Photo by Harsha

Production: UtoUto, Jessica Calonius

On stage: Anna Olkinuora, Katia Shklyar, Jessica Calonius, Drumteatr Mjod

Light: Elina Jackson, Kari Gratseff
Costumes: Esteri Hellgrén
Music, sound: Drumteatr Mjod
Video: Jiakun Wang

Language: Finnish, physical
Duration:  60 min

Outolintu Ry (Rara Avis co.) is an interdisciplinary dialogue with Finnish poet reciter, Jessica Calonious, supported by creative movement (by UtoUto), live music (by Drumteatr Mjod, St.Petersburg) and video art (by Jiakun Wang). Together all the art forms combined into an hour-long performance, creating a journey exploring the human nature and the theme of daring to fly.
At the very core of the production, Calonius and UtoUto worked on Finnish poems (both contemporary and historical) on the theme of birds, dreaming of flying and daring to do so. Movement material, heavily influenced by butoh, were developed to support and embody the poetry. Movement compositions were developed as an ensemble using various devising methods. Once the structure of performance was in place, the rest of the working group were invited in and incorporated through discussion, improvising sessions and sharing to bring  in their input.
The performance was investigated and developed over a 10-month period, rehearsals took place both in Helsinki, Finland and St.Petersburg, Russia.

Premier: 27.11.2017, Pluckhouse, Helsinki, Finland


To Dare - Performance at Eve's Ribs Festival

Photo by Gloria De Felice / Nur.fi

A deviced performance for the Eve’s Ribs festival

During 5 days of intensive evening workshops UtoUto divesed and build a performance together with 5 bold performers. It was staged as a part of Eve’s Ribs festival program in St Petersburg. The character, form and intensity of the result was strongly participants driven, but lead and directed by Anna and Katia. We explored different types of theatre methods with emphasis on physical theatre and movement and worked around the theme of self-trust and being able TO DARE.

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transitions by UtoUto

Photo by Gloria De Felice / Nur.fi

By Anna Olkinuora and Katia Shklyar
Production: UtoUto

Light: Florian Pagés
Costumes: Esteri Hellgrén
Voices, sound: Valeria Velpart, Bryan Dollery, Katia Shklyar
Music: My Own Cubic Stone: First Voice// Balanescu Quartet: Insomnia
Swing design: John

Language: physical, multilingual (English, Spanish, Russian)
Duration:  25 min

Intense, physical dialogue with faces covered and open in the transborder situation of artistic and routine realities. What is the relation between your (unbalanced) and creative self with the organised life of a proper citizen? How and when the transition happens and where is the border? Or is there a border? Are you the same one who is preparing the sandwich for a lunch and the one chasing the creepy idea fading away in the yellow clouds?

Premier: 18.3.2017 Theatre festival RITU34, Liege, Belgium

Camera, editing: Jiakun Wang

Special thanks to Temporary and Arcada University of Applied Sciences.


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Pyhäinpäivä –  All Saints’ Day movement interpretationAnna - Ghost Walk by UtoUto

Butoh inspired ghost walks and live meditative installations created in symbiosis with singers and musicians. To remember and connect with the ones who are not here.

Directing: Anna Olkinuora
Performers: Anna Olkinuora, Ilse Ybarra, Katia Shklyar
Production: UtoUto in cooperation with Lapinlahden Lähde
Language: non-lingual
Duration:  2 h


Aleksis Kivi: A Movement StudyInspired by Aleksis Kivi. UtoUto in Lapinlahden Lähde

A performance study of mental illness based on history of a local mental health hospital and its’ most famous patient, Finland’s national author, Aleksis Kivi and his poetry.

Directing: Anna Olkinuora
Performers: Anna Olkinuora, Ilse Ybarra, Slavina Petrova
Music: Tuomas Karisto
Text: Aleksis Kivi (translations to different languages)
Production: UtoUto in cooperation with Lapinlahden Lähde
Language: non-lingual
Duration:  30 min