Because art belongs to everyone!

We want to make performance art accessible to experience for everyone regardless of their background, age, ‘day job’ or anything else really. As a part of the effort to make theatre and performing arts of all sorts more known, accessible and close, UtoUto runs an amateur performance group called HelTetris (Helsinki Tetris).

The group meets on Mondays in Cultural centre Caisa to experience different theatre styles through two-hour workshops. During each season the collective builds up their skills from one workshop to another and produces two to three performances each year. In every production there is space for all those want to perform as well as those who want to be part of the design and stage crew.

Weekly workshops are coordinated by UtoUto’s Anna and Katia. Every season we also try to get visiting artists to introduce their styles and disciplines to HelTetris group. The main idea of the HelTertis is to keep performance arts fun and relaxing, creating a space where the group members can come and enjoy themselves without any fear of judgement. The only thing needed to join the workshops (and performances) is enthusiasm and an open mind. Those who want to be a part of a production are asked a certain level of commitment to put in extra rehearsal time.

The participation fee for the season (January to May / August to December) is 30 €/ 50 € (if payment delayed).

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Recent performances:

The Thistle Grows TenderNovember, 20th and 27th, 2017, Caisa, Helsinki


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A collaborative performance piece made together with the whole cast and crew of Heltetris Group in the styles of The Theatre of Cruelty, inspired by Antonin Artaud work.



May I Introduce Me? by HelTetris

May, 22nd 2017, Caisa, Helsinki


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HelTetris Theatre group with support of UtoUto presents a collection of short thought-provoking performances. Produced and developed by HelTetris Theatre Group to question and explore multidimensional identity issues. Neither light nor relaxed (theatre) collection, you will find that the performances are full of humour, self-irony and deep inner energy conveyed through motion pictures, physicality and spoken word.

Language: Mostly in English
Entrance is free but donations of 3 eur (or more) are appreciated!

1. I’m Sorry I Have a Vagina
Don’t worry this is not a feminist «propaganda», no provoking gender dialogues, just an «absurd» , dark comedy about rape. A manifestation of sorts today’s rape culture. Ready to be unapologetic?

Written by: Ilse Ybarra and Anna Olkinuora
Directing: Anna Olkinuora

Jùlia Hajjar
Ilse Ybarra
Katia Shklyar
Rita Papoutsaki
Nicolas Herbatschek
Josefina Kuusikallio

2. Frankenstein’s Confrontation
An excerpt from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Dr. Frankenstein confronts the monster she has created.

Written by: Mary Shelley
Special thanks to: Anna Olkinuora

Cast and directing:
Jessica Calonius as Frankenstein’s monster
Elina Jackson as Dr. Frankenstein

3. EGO
When a soul encounters an unconscious body- a conscious relation begins. They begin a dialogue, a debate, a challenge, a nonsensical conversation. The soul with a strong attitude shows an awkward reality to the body, that is without control in front of the massive presence. Are you feeling locked in an open air jail or are we just fooljng ourselves that we have something really important inside?

With the support of: Anna Olkinuora

Cast and directing:
Laura Weber
Gloria de Felice
Manthoula Bountri
Special thanks to: Jiakun Wang

4 Aware, Awareness, Shampoo and Chocolates
A group of individuals struggling to realise the source of their problems.
A struggle that pushes them to lead an unsatisfactory, unfulfilled life.
They can’t help it.
That is just what they are.
It isn’t their fault.
It’s genetics.
This is what is expected of them.
They can’t just switch off!
Writing, directing: Elina Jackson


Elina Jackson
Esteri Hellgrén
Rita Papoutsaki
Maybelle Pristine
Nicolas Herbatschek
Josefina Kuusikallio
Costumes: Esteri Hellgrén
Props: Mona Bamberg

On tour 2017

RITU-festival, 15th-19th of March, Liege, Belgium

In Between by UtoUto.Collective goes to RITU34Outside by UtoUto.Collective goes to RITU34

Theatre collective went on tour in March 2017! Two one-act plays were performed at RITU theatre festival in Liege (Belgium). Absurd play OUTSIDE by Shaurya Singh and physical theatre piece IN BETWEEN designed and devised during the rehearsals by the actors themselves.

Posters design: Jiakun Wang

Special thanks to Arcada, University of Applied Sciences, for collaboration!